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Protect your prosperity

  • Retain an independent disability advisor negotiating on your behalf.

  • Don’t bypass non-cancellable, guaranteed renewable, or “true” own-occupation benefits.

  • Maximize the advantages of underwriting and claim handling advocacy.

  • Be aware of expenses and debt payments, not just income loss for disability coverage.

Protect your business

  • Make sure to adequately fund buy-sell agreements for ownership risk.

  • Resolve conflicting interests between active and inactive owners in advance.

  • Account for costs beyond salary when quantifying potential key employee loss.

  • Don’t wait too long to prepare the company for outside or inside buyers.


Protect your team

  • Recognize and promote the value of individual disability benefits.

  • Capture opportunities to carve out key employees for enhanced benefits.

  • Understand the differences between individual and group plans.

  • Don’t miss real value by assuming all disability contracts are the same.


Protect your family

  • Retain an independent life insurance advisor negotiating on your behalf.

  • Don’t put cost ahead of the value of policy benefits.

  • Recognize the taxation advantages of life insurance assets.

  • Understand the upsides of policy guarantees.

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