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Preserve your assets

  • Set clear goals for family wealth based on clear family values.

  • Anticipate asset growth over generations.

  • Don’t fall into traps when titling assets.

  • Understand tax erosion on retirement assets.


Preserve family harmony

  • Take advantage of gifting and generation-skipping strategies.

  • Remember that equal and fair are different for asset distribution.

  • Don’t neglect safeguards for family members with special needs.

  • Be aware of the impact on estate planning when a spouse remarries.


Preserve your business 

  • Don’t wait too long to groom family members for business ownership.

  • Secure the employment of key people to support next generation owners.

  • Let life insurance resolve active/non-active family owner conflicts.

  • Understand the tax consequences for sellers and buyers.


Preserve your heritage

  • Understand the challenges unearned wealth puts on young heirs.

  • Make a family plan for stewardship of family assets.

  • Use life insurance to expand opportunities for family philanthropy.

  • Don’t complete your estate plan without disclosing decisions to heirs.

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