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Provide for your retirement

  • Understand there is no single solution that can cover every risk in retirement.

  • Remember that retirement is about income, not assets.

  • Don't neglect to address the sequence of returns risk.

  • Use life insurance to supplement income.


Provide for your family

  • Approach retirement income tools with an agnostic view.

  • Recognize the value of a non-correlated asset.

  • Use cash value life insurance as a buffer in a down market year.

  • Understand the tax implications of different financial tools.


Provide peace of mind

  • Acknowledge the advantage of having guarantees during retirement.

  • Don't disregard longevity risk.

  • Understand tax rate risk during retirement.

  • Use life insurance and annuities to provide a safety net.


Provide for the unexpected

  • Don't fail to recognize long-term care risks.

  • Reduce the caregiving burden and stress on your family.

  • Protect your retirement income and assets.

  • Maintain your independence and financial freedom.

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